Since I am travelling to London via Asia, we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit Bangkok.

This is my first visit to Thailand, a country I had heard so much about.

Bangkok 1

Neither Janice, my cousin Jess nor my friend Nancy had been to Bangkok before so it was pretty exciting for all of us. I felt as though this trip signified the start of all the new cities and countries I would soon see.

Bangkok 3

Bangkok reminds me of a cross between Singapore and Malaysia except it’s cheaper and the locals seem friendlier.  The first night we arrived, my cousin Sharon took us to Khao San which is a haven for tourists and backpackers. It is essentially one long street with lots of market stalls, restaurants, pubs and street food stalls.

Bangkok 2

Stepping out of the taxi and seeing Khao San for the first time was surreal.


I had my first ‘pinch me’ moment there. It was so different from any of the other places I had visited before. The colours and smells combined with the crowds of people almost overwhelmed me. It was a welcome assault on my senses.

I was also taken aback by the blatant sex trade and references to sex.  I had heard about it but it was still a surprise to see.


We happened to visit at a time when there were major government protests around Wat Phra Keow so many of the temples were inaccessible.

What is clear to me is that the Thai’s are a very spiritual people.  There were plenty of shrines peppered all over the city.


We only spent 4 days there so it was really just a taste of Bangkok. I’ve realised that I have little to no tolerance for spicy food and that I am not a fan of massages!


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