After 4 wonderful days in London, we hopped on the Eurostar to Pareeeee! Brooke and I took travel sickness tablets and we both promptly konked out. We didn’t realise they were the type to make you drowsy. The Eurostar was so easy and hassle free.

We arrived at La Gare Du Nord and got ripped off paying €90 for a 15 min taxi ride to our hotel which was near La Louvre. I suppose it has to happen at least once for us to avoid it in future.

Once we got to the hotel, we found out they had overbooked and we had to be transferred to one of their sister hotels. It was still quite conveniently located and I was so relieved that it was a step up from our hotel in London that I didn’t mind the additional hassle involved with checking in.


Since the girls had a limited amount of time in Paris, we decided to pay the exorbitant price of €415 each for a package tour which included a private driver, Seine rivercruise, Lunch at the Eiffel tower as well as entry to the tower and a drink and a show at the Moulin Rouge.

We had the craziest driver ever but he was really friendly and we didn’t have to worry about queues or buying tickets.

We bought the tour for the next day so we headed to the Louvre first, then the Notre Dame, finishing with dinner at a café opposite the Notre Dame.

Paris was wonderful. I have been there as a child with my parents and Leila but you never really fully appreciate a place as a kid unless there is a swimming pool in the hotel.


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