As we approached Prague, Katrina and I started getting really excited.


I had been snoozing on the coach and unfortunately missed a lot of the beautiful (supposedly) countryside but I managed to get magnificent views of the part just before we entered Prague. It didn’t disappoint.


We drove along the Vltava river, which had views of Charles Bridge and the Prague castle in the backdrop.


Our hotel was overbooked (Hotel Ibis) so the whole group was upgraded to the Mercure Hotel just off Wenceslas Square. I was rooming with Georgina and we were pretty stoked with the quality of our hotel room. It was almost as nice as our hotel in Amsterdam.


Our tour guide took us on a walking tour in the evening, walking down Wenceslas Square across the Stare Mesto (old town square), past the Pražský hrad (Prague Castle) and across Charles Bridge where we left the group and went shopping for Bohemian crystals.


The next day we headed to the old town square to wait for the astronomical clock to put on its little musical display before going on a rivercruise along the river.


Lunch was on the boat and it was a buffet.



After the rivercruise, the girls and I went shopping and walking around the city including a visit to Swarovski, where they bought me a red apple necklace!



That evening Georgina and Brooke headed to a beer hall while Katrina and I went for dinner and watch a Black light show of ‘Cats’. It was novel and very enjoyable.


We had an early night and being the heavy sleeper that I am, completely missed all the drama with Brooke coming back to the hotel and spewing up everywhere.

Brooke and Georgina were a little worse for wear the next morning so Katrina and I went on the bike tour of Prague.


I can tell you now, once you have done a bike tour of a city, you don’t want to see the city any other way.


Cycling on the roads on a foreign city is exhilarating. I spent a great deal of the bike ride giggling with fear. Katrina and I had many ‘Pinch me’ moments and agreed it was going to be one of those experiences that we’ll remember for many years to come.



P8210181.JPGOn the way back from the bike tour, I stumbled across a pothole and went flying across the cobblestone street.

In fact, I happened to be looking up at this hanging man when it happened.


Lucky a passerby caught me as I fell but my ankle was badly twisted and I struggled to get back to the hotel.


That evening we went for a traditional Czech dinner and dance. I was still struggling to walk so Georgina (she is a true friend) carried me on her back to a taxi and I headed back to the hotel.



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