After 3 wonderful days in Prague, we left for Vienna. I can’t say I know much about Vienna other than it’s famous for the Sacha Torte cake and the Viennese Choir boys but it is top on my mother’s list of places that she wants to visit so I guess that influenced my decision to go with this particular Contiki tour.


This leg of our tour is much shorter as we really only had two full days to explore Vienna.


My first impressions were that it’s a spectacular looking city, certainly more grandiose than I’m accustomed to seeing.


It was a little hard to fully appreciate the town while I was limping around and our hotel was quite far away from the city centre. However while driving through with our tour bus, I could see it had beautiful architecture and was clean and had a safe feel to the city.



The girls and I walked around town, stopping in Swarovski before having a Viennese hot chocolate.


Before dinner we visited a Schnapps museum where we tasted different types of schnapps.


I bought a bottle of strawberries and cream schnapps.



That evening we headed to the Schonbrunn Palace for dinner and Mozart and Strauss concert. I studied classical music as a child but I knew Brooke had never heard any classical music before so I was REALLY looking forward to having a good laugh at her expense.


Considering her taste in music, I didn’t think it would be her cup of tea.
Sure enough, she was horrified and in agony for the whole evening. One guy even fell asleep in front of me, and I had to suppress my laughter for a good portion of the night.


I couldn’t do the walking tour of Vienna the next day due to my ankle so the girls and I had lunch at a café outside our hotel followed by some strudel and ice cream. Then we went into the nearby internet café and surfed the net and checked emails. We spent our last evening with our tour group at a bar in the city.


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