December has arrived and so has the start of the silly season. I love the lead up to Christmas. That feeling of anticipation, the buzz in the air, the sales and relaxed happy attitude that everyone has.


The invitation to my work Christmas party had me all excited. The theme for this year is ‘White Christmas’.

The wonderful ladies at RW came over to get ready and have pre-party drinks.


It was a really nice way to spend the afternoon, relaxing and chatting after a very busy couple of weeks.


Jess arrived in Melbourne for the Christmas and New Year break and we didn’t waste any time hitting the Christmas sales.


Chadstone was open for 36 hours straight which was a novelty to us, so we decided to brave the crowds and see what it is like to shop at midnight.


Christmas eve was spent at Prahran markets, stocking up on food for our Christmas dinner.


On Christmas day, Jess and I went for a long walk around the tan (Running track that goes around the Botanical Gardens). Surprisingly, we didn’t get many people wishing us a Merry Christmas along the way.


Our guests started arriving at 6.30pm and hung out in the lounge while we tried our best in the kitchen.


This is my first Christmas spent in Melbourne. I called it ‘Christmas for the cousins’.

Jess and I were pretty chuffed with how the food turned out. We were aiming to have enough food to have leftovers for the next day.



We had a great crowd of friends over for dinner. Our conversation was free flowing and full of funny (and often dirty) anecdotes.



It’s my first Christmas in Melbourne and it was a good one, thanks to three fantastic girls.



Shortly after Christmas, my sister and her boyfriend came to visit.


Mike emigrated to Perth from Manchester so this is his first trip to Melbourne.


Our tour of Melbourne (for him) basically consisted of hitting the post Christmas sales, eating our way through some of our favourite restaurants and drinking……


They were here for New Years eve so we headed out to watch the fireworks along Southbank before having a drink at one of the bars in the Crown Casino.


It was a good New Years eve and rather pleasantly, we didn’t wake up with sore heads the next day which is just as well since Jess had a plane to catch. Happy 2013!

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